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A week after his admission with persistent symptoms of the coronavirus, and after his three-day stint in the ICU, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been released from London's St. Thomas hospital on Sunday. On medical prescription, however, you will be required to rest and not retake the reins of government after your return to Downing Street.

"I owe you my life," was his message to the doctors and nurses who treated him. "All my thoughts are with people who suffer from this disease."

Johnson leaves the hospital the same day the United Kingdom plans to exceed 10,000 deaths from coronavirus. Jeremy Farrar , director of the Wellcome Trust and advisor to the German government, told the BBC that the country may in the end be "the most affected in Europe" , even above Spain and Italy.

It is unknown in the meantime if Johnson will have sequelae of having been included in 14% of those affected with "severe" effects. Downing Street insists that the 'premier' received oxygen assistance during his ICU stay, but that he did not need a respirator and was conscious at all times ( reading Tintin comics and watching movies during his last hours of hospital stay) .

Boris Johnson tested positive on March 27, four days after decreeing the 'deadbolt' and asking his compatriots: "Stay home, protect public health, save lives." After a ten-day quarantine at 11 Downing Street, he was rushed to the hospital a week ago with breathing problems. The Government tried to lower the alarm, despite his admission to the ICU, but several friends and his own father, Stanley Johnson, have hinted that Boris has been more serious than has been officially recognized: "We have almost lost one of the team. "

Despite the displays of affection and solidarity received, the British Government (and especially the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock ) are receiving harsh criticism for the late response to the epidemic, the lack of massive tests on the population and the lack of protection. for medical personnel. The Labor opposition has called for the early return of Parliament to review the strategy of the Government , temporarily captained by Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who could decree tomorrow the extension of social distance measures.

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