The new Corona epidemic (Covid-19) has caused the death of at least 109,300 people worldwide since its appearance in China last December, including 75,000 deaths in Europe, and more than 20,000 deaths in the United States of America, as has been recorded More than one million and 780 thousand and 640 cases have been officially infected in 193 countries since the outbreak, according to an AFP tally.

In the United States of America, at least 20,608 deaths have been recorded, and the country has the highest number of deaths from the virus, and the largest number of infections has also been recorded in this country, 53,000,000, according to recent figures from Johns Hopkins University.

With 75 thousand and 11 deaths out of 909700 cases, Europe is the most affected continent, Italy has recorded 19,468 deaths, Spain has 16,972 deaths, and France has 13832.

After declining for three consecutive days, the daily number of deaths in Spain rose again yesterday, recording 619 deaths within 24 hours.

The British Ministry of Health said yesterday that the number of deaths from the emerging coronavirus has risen to 10,612 in UK hospitals after a daily increase of 737 cases.

In addition, India announced yesterday that its hospital network is adequately prepared to face the new corona virus, with more than 100,000 beds being prepared in anticipation of any possible increase in the number of cases.

India recorded 8,447 injuries, a sharp increase from less than 1,000 two weeks ago, and to date India has reported 273 deaths.

The official of the Indian Ministry of Health, Love Agarwal, said in a daily press statement that his country is fully prepared and is extremely careful, and has prepared about 106 thousand beds in 601 hospitals to deal with any increase in the number of patients, adding: «The country is ready to combat this epidemic» .

There are fears that Mumbai, the country's financial center, will become the epicenter of the outbreak, with 1,250 cases recorded so far, and the local authorities are fighting a rapid spread of the disease in densely populated slums.

In Pakistan, the authorities expressed concern about a sharp increase in the number of cases of "corona" in Karachi, the largest city in the country, and officials said that the local government there decided to impose severe restrictions amounting to closures in 11 densely populated neighborhoods in Karachi, and Pakistan recorded 5038 cases. 86 deaths.

Yesterday, the Iranian Ministry of Health announced that the total number of deaths caused by the Corona virus rose within 24 hours to 4474 deaths after 117 new deaths were recorded, adding that, as of yesterday, Iran had recorded 7,1686 cases of the virus.

Iranian news agencies reported that 10 thousand graves were excavated in a new section of the sprawling "Cemetery of Zahra" cemetery located south of Tehran to bury the deceased with "Covid-19", and the official website of the Iranian presidency reported that President Hassan Rouhani announced the lifting of restrictions on movement between Cities within each region on April 20. Yesterday, the Russian Federation announced the registration of 2,186 new infections with the new Corona virus within 24 hours in 52 of the 82 regions, including 1306 cases in the capital, Moscow, the highest number recorded since the start of the epidemic in the country in one day.

And Interfax news agency quoted the Russian Anti-Corona Virus Operations Center as saying that Moscow has strengthened its leadership in the list of the largest virus foci in the country with 10158 infections out of 15,770 the total number of infections throughout Russia, in addition to 72 deaths out of 130 cases. While the capital witnessed 246 people recovering from the virus since yesterday, bringing the total number of people recovering to 1,291 people.

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin issued a decree imposing a system of digital permits for movement within Moscow and between the capital and its suburbs, to take effect from tomorrow, indicating that the peak of the epidemic in the city did not come, and confirmed that the Russian authorities have so far conducted 1.2 million checks for «Corona ».

India is preparing 106 thousand beds in anticipation of an increase in the number of injuries ... and Iran is digging 10 thousand new graves.