The Ministry of Education and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai stressed that private schools should not charge any installments for the next academic year (2020/2020) fees, except after the end of the current school year, and schools are not entitled to receive any funds for the year New except student registration or re-registration fees only.

The ministry said in statements to "Emirates Today" that "the authorities concerned with private education in each of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah announced the possibility of recovering the parents of students for transportation and transportation fees related to private schools, in light of the current circumstances in which all schools at the state level apply the learning system Remotely, as a precautionary measure, to limit the spread of the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19) ».

She added: «With regard to the fees for the next academic year 2020/2021, the regulations stipulate the payment of registration fees only in advance, provided that private schools coordinate later with the students’ families to collect the remaining dues after the start of the school year, which is The procedure currently and in normal circumstances.

The Ministry indicated that the tuition fees are separate from other fees, and it is necessary to pay them to schools, because they work to provide educational platforms and distance learning tools, and they perform their usual duty to follow the student and develop his knowledge capabilities. For its part, the Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority stated that the school has the right to ask the students ’families to pay insurance to renew their registration, to ensure that students get seats in the next academic year, stressing that the value of the insurance or re-registration fees should not exceed 5% or 500 dirhams (whichever is higher) ), And this amount is calculated from the school fees for the first semester.

In a statement to Emirates Today, the authority clarified that private schools in the emirate have the right to collect re-registration fees for students at the start of the third semester that started yesterday, and this measure aims to facilitate the students ’families and give them enough time to make informed decisions regarding choosing Their children's schools.

She stated that the school fees control framework required private schools not to collect registration fees for current students at a rate of more than 10% of the total fees, and they could open the registration on the date they deem appropriate during the school year, bearing in mind that re-registration fees would be collected during the approved period From the body.

In its response to questions from students, on its website, the commission confirmed that the student’s guardian is not entitled to a refund of fees for fees for the distance learning distance, in addition to that the school is not entitled to impose additional fees on online learning resources and smart applications in the third semester.

With regard to the fees for schools that start their new academic year (2020/2021) this month, the fees for the first semester therein are due at the beginning of this month, and schools can collect school fees in at least three batches, each of which is due in The beginning of the chapter.