The military battleship, Charles de Gaulle, has not been in contact with the outside since March 15th. However, test results have confirmed the presence of coronavirus infections in 50 of its crew members. The goal now is to identify the source of the infection. Yesterday, the French Ministry of Defense announced that the test results of dozens of individuals aboard the aircraft carrier were positive, adding that three sailors had been evacuated "as a precautionary measure."

"The results of the 66 tests, which were conducted, concluded that there were 50 cases infected with 19 Coffid on board Charles de Gaulle," the ministry said in a statement.

In addition, the source of the pollution of the aircraft carrier that had not been in contact with abroad has not been known since March 15. The leadership of the carrier, which was sailing in the Atlantic, announced its expedited return to France, after suspected cases were discovered on board.

The ministry said: "The aim is to define the infection department to limit the spread of the virus. A team of the Health Service of the French Armed Forces was dispatched, on Wednesday, with two epidemiologists, a biosafety expert and a doctor responsible for samples."

The ministry added that the evacueed sailors were taken to a military hospital in Toulon, while masking was circulated to the entire crew of the carrier.

After the US aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, Charles de Gaulle became the second aircraft carrier in the world to have officially infected Corona infections.