• Bankitalia to banks: "More efforts for liquidity". Extend measures also to those in difficulty
  • Lamorgese, circulate to the prefects: risk of "serious tensions", oversee the legality
  • Coronavirus, Zingaretti: "Respecting rules or contagion will increase"


11 April 2020It is also necessary to stay at home on Easter and Easter Monday. This was repeated by Domenico Arcuri, the emergency commissioner, at a press conference from the Civil Protection headquarters. Arcuri has openly called for "to continue the correct behavior so far".

"I appeal to our citizens even more heartfelt than usual in the coming days, tomorrow Easter and Easter Monday, do not do anything nonsense, continue and if possible strengthen the conviction to follow the forecasts that we have given you. Do not go out, continue to follow the behaviors that you have held responsibly to this day, use your brain and your enormous sense of responsibility. "

In 4 days 7 times more dead than the victims of the earthquake in L'Aquila
"In 4 days we had 3,226 deaths, 7 times more than the victims of L'Aquila," said emergency commissioner Domenico Arcuri.

Do not miss the exit times from phase 1
"We will put this dramatic emergency behind us only when an efficient and effective vaccine is discovered. Without it, we have only one antidote: ourselves and our behaviors that must be used to prevent and contain contagions. We are the ones who must help ourselves" . So the Extraordinary Commissioner for Emergency Domenico Arcuri, at a press conference. "We cannot and must not go wrong with the timing of the exit from the so-called phase 1, with the risk that the infection will recur with the strength and mass that we have so far managed to contain with perhaps even greater damage," added Arcuri.

Realize other covid-hospitals
"Yes to new Covid-hospital". The emergency commissioner, Domenico Arcuri, said this during a press conference. "We will soon deliver fans to Celio, it will be covid hospital," he continued. "The virus has not yet been defeated, it is still among us we are on track, we see the indicators but we are not at the end of the tunnel, indeed the end of the tunnel is still far away. I continue to beg you: stay at home and be careful" , has explained.

On the masks we face every speculation attempt
"The citizen goes to the pharmacy and does not necessarily have to buy 50 masks, but the ones he needs at a price compatible with the real value of the asset. We will continue to face any attempt at speculation," said Arcuri.

From next week all purchases online
"From next week we will put online all the purchases that we are making in this period, available for everyone. What we distribute what we buy and from whom. It is an indispensable initiative to balance the transparency of the functions assigned to us".