The United States, Italy, passed yesterday, to record the highest number of new corona virus deaths, more than any other country, as it exceeded 20 thousand cases, while Spain recorded the lowest number of daily deaths by "corona" in 19 days, Iran announced that the virus infected reached 70029 people The deceased were 4,357 people.

In detail, a Reuters statistic showed that the deaths from coronavirus infection in the United States exceeded 20,000 cases yesterday, the highest toll ever recorded in the world, although there are indications that the epidemic may be approaching its climax.

Italy recorded the second largest number of deaths at 19468, and Spain came third with 16,353 cases.

The United States has experienced its highest death rate so far from infection, with almost 2,000 cases recorded daily over the past four days in a row.

Public health experts have warned that the total number of deaths in the United States could reach 200,000 during the summer, if after 30 days the unprecedented restrictions on staying at home were lifted, which closed companies and kept most Americans indoors.

The number of confirmed infections with the Coronavirus around the world is more than 1.6 million, while the total number of deaths exceeds 106,000.

In Madrid, the Spanish Ministry of Health said in a statement, that the number of daily deaths from the new corona virus decreased for the third consecutive day yesterday, after recording 510 deaths in the past 24 hours, and this is the lowest daily number of deaths since March 23.

The ministry added that the total number of deaths increased to 16,353 from 15843 Friday, while the number of confirmed injuries jumped to 161852 yesterday, from 157022 the day before yesterday.

The slowdown is an encouraging sign for countries that have seen the third largest number of HIV victims after Italy and the United States.

With the pace of new injuries and deaths slowing, the government has begun to consider a gradual relaxation of public isolation measures, which have kept most people indoors since mid-March.

From Monday, workers in sectors such as construction and manufacturing will be allowed to return to work.

In Tehran, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, Kyanosh Jahanpur, announced that the number of newly infected Coronaviruses (Covid 19) in the country reached 70029 people, recovered 41 thousand and 947 people, and deceased 4357.

Jahanpur said in his press statement yesterday, that during the past 24 hours, 1837 new cases of Corona virus had been registered, bringing the number to 70,29 cases, according to the Iranian Fars News Agency. He added that the number of people recovering reached 41,947 cases, while 125 people died during the past 24 hours, due to illness, bringing the total number to 4357 people.

He explained that the case of 3987 of those infected with the virus is difficult, and added that 251 thousand and 703 tests have been carried out to diagnose the "Covid-19" virus in the country.

Russia recorded 1667 new cases of coronavirus yesterday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 13584.

The Center for Dealing with the Corona Virus Crisis in Russia said that the number of deaths associated with the virus increased by 12 cases to 106 deaths. The operation room for fighting "Corona" in Russia confirmed that the new casualties were recorded in 49 provinces, led by Moscow.

On the other hand, more than a million infections have been officially diagnosed in 193 countries and regions since the beginning of the epidemic.

China (excluding the Hong Kong and Macao regions) recorded a total of 81,953 injuries (46 new between Friday and Saturday) and 3339 deaths (three new), while 77525 patients were cured.

For its part, South Korea announced yesterday, recording 30 new cases of coronavirus, taking the total number to 10480 cases.

And the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that of the 30 new cases, the number of cases coming from abroad reached 12, and 18 cases of transmission came internally. The confirmed cases of coronavirus in Pakistan rose to 4793 yesterday, compared to 4,700 cases Friday.

30 Corona cases bring the total to 10480 in South Korea.