Zhongxin Client, April 10 (Peng Jingru) On April 10, Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, exchanged experience in prevention and control between China and South Korea with South Korean epidemic prevention experts. When talking about the problem of returning to school, Zhong Nanshan said that first, looking at the local area, the incidence of disease in the area has been reduced to a very small amount; the second is looking at the situation of foreign input control. If the foreign input control is basically good, I think it should be resumed. "The specific time is not easy to say, I think it should not be too long, such as the time around the end of April. It is impossible to never leave school, this disease is impossible to eradicate completely, and it will continue to spread for a long time in the future, no Just cause a massive outbreak. "