French President Emmanuel Macron visited the city of Marseille to meet Professor Raoul Didier, defender of the use of hydroxychloroquine for treating patients with the Coronavirus, and was surprised by the researchers' answers to him when he asked about their nationalities.

The French Professor - currently the most famous in research related to the treatment of the Corona virus - received Raoul Didier and his research team, the French President, during his visit to the University Hospital Hospital (IHO Mediterranean) in the coastal city of Marseille (southern France), in order to review Didier and his team's research on the treatment of Corona.

French President # Macron standing with Professor #DidierRaoult asks a group of young doctors and trainees where they came from ... Listen to their answers👇

- Khadija Bin Qena (@Benguennak) April 9, 2020

But the French President was very surprised when he asked the researchers about their nationalities, and it appeared that most of them are not of French origin, and that they belong to Arab and other African countries, most of them from the former French colonies.

In a widely circulated video clip on social media, Macron stood beside Raoul Didier, asking doctors and researchers "Where are you from?" Then he is surprised that the answers were: from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Senegal.

Beautiful that all doctors and researchers with him from Arab and African countries
A few days ago, the doctor indicated that the best people who work with him are African and Arab

- NHM (@NasserIbnHamad) April 10, 2020