China News Service, Beijing, April 10: Will new coronary pneumonia persist for a long time? When will people get an effective vaccine? How will the global epidemic develop? When will students be able to resume classes? Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has received the latest response to these current public-focused topics.

On the 10th, Zhong Nanshan and the Korean epidemic prevention experts exchanged their experience in the prevention and control of China and South Korea online, and discussed their views on the global epidemic situation and the focus of prevention and control.

Chinese Ambassador to South Korea Xing Haiming invited academician Zhong Nanshan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering to talk to an expert on Korean epidemic prevention (video screenshot)

The new coronary pneumonia may exist for a long time. What should we do next year?

In the online communication, Zhong Nanshan said that in response to China ’s experience in epidemic prevention and control, the Chinese government has resolutely adopted measures to suppress highly infectious diseases. One is Wuhan containment, and the other is nationwide group prevention and control. In addition, China publicly and transparently reports real-time cases every day, and conducts nucleic acid tests on close contacts. Under various means, the epidemic was basically controlled within four weeks, which is the result of strong intervention.

As for when I can resume school? Zhong Nanshan said that the first is to look at the local area, and the incidence in the area has been reduced to a very small amount. The second is to look at the situation of external input control. If the external input is basically controlled well, I think it should be resumed. "The specific time is not easy to say, I think it should not be too long, such as the time around the end of April. Can not never start school."

"It is impossible to eradicate this disease completely, and it will be likely to spread for a long time in the future, without causing a large-scale outbreak." Zhong Nanshan said.

"Zhong Nanshan can move only when he speaks." This was a very popular online segment in China. In response to the question of "when it is possible to move" in the prevention and control of the epidemic, Zhong Nanshan said that in the world, especially in large countries, if the epidemic has been reported for more than a month after the outbreak, it should be movable.

"If I come again next year, I believe that humans already have a deeper understanding of this disease, because it was an encounter in the beginning, and it should be a sniper war next year. Once it appears, the country will take some necessary actions to prevent its development. I do n’t I believe that if it comes next year, the current situation will appear again. "Zhong Nanshan said.

Data figure: The tester performs nucleic acid extraction. Hu Jingshe

Long-term prevention and control rely on vaccines, group immunization will not work

In response to the global epidemic trend, Zhong Nanshan pointed out that the global epidemic trend depends on two aspects. On the one hand is the law of the disease itself, "Now the genetic mutation of this disease has been very adapted to survive in the human body, and its spread is relatively large; compared with the flu, it has a mortality rate that is more than 20 times higher. This issue deserves attention.

In Zhong Nanshan's view, the direction of the global epidemic situation also depends on the attitude adopted by the European and American governments.

"In any country, outbreaks cannot be peaceful and controllable." He emphasized that everyone can work together to study vaccines in order to truly control the epidemic.

Talking about the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Zhong Nanshan said that he should now consider the rapid development of vaccines. "You cannot rely on most people to develop group immunity after getting the disease. This method will not work, and the cost and sacrifice will be too great, so human intervention is necessary."

Zhong Nanshan said that in China, five kinds of vaccines are being developed at the same time. At present, the faster one is the adenoviral vector vaccine and the whole inactivated vaccine. "Adenovirus vector vaccines have already been delivered to humans. The first phase of clinical trials has begun. The fully inactivated vaccines will soon be delivered to humans. It is also necessary to have a time to observe after reaching humans. The general situation is 1-2 Years. But due to the need for the development of the disease, it may be advanced. "

Data picture: The picture shows the staff of Minhang District in Shanghai registering the information of Koreans entering the country. Photo by Yin Liqin

Asymptomatic infections do not come out of thin air, most are infectious

In response to the risk of overseas imports of the epidemic situation facing China, Zhong Nanshan pointed out that the risk must exist, but the risk is not equal to reality.

"Especially people from countries and regions where the epidemic has just occurred and the epidemic has developed rapidly are often more contagious. As long as strict monitoring and tracking are taken, they will be isolated once they are discovered, and close observation of the people he contacts. Under the circumstances, even if a few people are infected, it will not cause an outbreak. "

Zhong Nanshan said that China attaches great importance to foreign imports, especially those who have no symptoms of new coronavirus infection. These asymptomatic infections do not come out of thin air, mainly from two places: one is the close contact of the diagnosed patients, and the other is from the key epidemic areas. These people already carry the virus, most of them are contagious.

Zhong Nanshan said that there must be foreign input in the future, especially in large cities. It is unrealistic to completely clear it unless it is completely isolated from the world, so as long as it is controlled at a lower level. (Finishing: Xie Yiguan, Lang Lang, Peng Jingru) (End)