In the recent period, China's epidemic prevention and control situation has improved, and Wuhan has announced "unblocking."

Looking back on the days of fighting the epidemic, we can always see the figures of overseas Chinese, from donations and donations to the scene, they don't say much, but the sentences are warm.

"Catch up, do something"

On January 20, Fan Xuan, editor-in-chief of "European News", planned to go home for the Chinese New Year and flew from Germany to Beijing. It is catching up with the outbreak of new pneumonia in China.

Fan Xuan applied for volunteers to go to Wuhan, but all institutions in Wuhan require volunteers to be locals.

Subsequently, Fan Xuan applied for the Beijing community prevention and control volunteer position. I started wearing red armbands to measure the temperature of residents, urge everyone to abide by the norms, remind people returning to Beijing to stay at home, and work in three shifts 24 hours ...

Fan Xuan said, "I came back just in time for the outbreak. I have the time and energy to do something."

Data map: community prevention and control points. Photo by Hu Chuanlin

"Originally thought to be a cold battlefield, I was full of happiness and emotion when I think about it"

Wang Chunyan is the only overseas Chinese who returned to the Hubei Medical Team among more than 800 members of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

She fought for 40 days in Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital, which was one of the three designated hospitals in Wuhan to treat patients with new coronary pneumonia. She said that face to face life and death every day here, the difficulty of work, intensity and psychological pressure is beyond ordinary people's imagination.

Data picture: The picture shows Wang Chunyan (first from left) and Wuhan police. Photo courtesy of Wang Chunyan

On the evening of March 30th, after saying goodbye to her comrades one by one, when she returned to the room to collect her luggage, she suddenly lost her heart and felt very reluctant to leave here.

"Originally, I thought it was a cold battlefield, but now it is full of countless happiness and moving moments! Every day here I leave a deep memory," she said.

"Of course I should contribute and give a love"

He Caixia, who has lived in the UK for more than 10 years, resigned as a nurse in the Royal Invalid Rehabilitation Hospital and flew back to China to participate in the fight against epidemic.

Go home, go to the front line! It was He Caixia's initial idea of ​​returning to China. However, because he did not have the relevant qualifications for domestic medical staff, He Caixia failed to do so and eventually volunteered at a hospital triage table in his hometown of Hefei.

Data map: He Caixia, a Chinese nurse who lives in the UK, resigned from her job, flew back to China, and went to China to fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. Zhang Pingshe

The domestic epidemic situation gradually improved, and enterprises began to resume production. He Caixia took advantage of the foreign language and was responsible for the reception and isolation of foreign reworked personnel at the isolation point.

"This land has nurtured me. Of course, when there is a need in my motherland and hometown, I should certainly contribute and give a love." He Caixia said.

"People will build a fort and build a fortress, swear to break the charm and welcome the dawn of spring, and there will be no disturbance in the world."

When returning home to visit relatives but encountered an epidemic situation, Wang Weiwu, who lives in Sweden, gave up the opportunity to return to Sweden and study at Harvard University.

On January 28, he invited Tassel to join the medical and expert team of the New Coronary Pneumonia Prevention and Control Command in Xianning City. He wrote in the circle of friends: "People are going to build a fortification, and they swear to break the charm and welcome the dawn of the spring, and there is no disturbance in the world."

Participate in the consultation of severe and critical illness in various hospitals, as a member of the expert group to formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan, check whether the isolation and protective measures of each unit are in compliance, and handle emergencies ... Tension and busyness have become his "work routine" .

Data map: A medical staff in the isolation ward sent Chinese medicine decoction to the patient. China News Service reporter Zhang Changshe

Wang Weiwu said that as a medical expert, he should stay here at this time, breathe with the people of his hometown, and advance and retreat together.

The situation of the domestic epidemic has improved, and the overseas Chinese have joined the war epidemic in the country, helping the country to fight the epidemic.

On the evening of April 7, Tokyo Sky Tree, Japan cheered for the people. The tower said: "Working together, we can all win."

Xiao Jian, president of the Longsha International Exchange Association in Campania, Italy, said when helping local medical supplies, "The epidemic is temporary, but the warm moments in the epidemic will last forever in my heart."

Xiaoqiao also believes that the warmth brought by overseas Chinese will last forever after the epidemic has passed.

Finally, I hope that all overseas Chinese will go through this special period in a safe and healthy manner.

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Author: Xu Wenxin