The United Party focused on targeting the largest metropolitan area. In the telegram chat room that spread the video of the sexual exploitation of a minor, there was a report that a passport greeting was involved.

This is reporter Park Sang-jin.


The United Party, which continued to attack the capital city for the second day, criticized the current government for urgently promoting the Corona19 response while concealing economic conditions.

[Kim Jong-in / Senior Chairman of the Future Integration Party: (corona 19 correspondence) With only pride, the coronavirus fell into the illusion that it would hide their mistakes.]

Chairman Kim Jong-in traveled to 12 locations in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province, calling for support that the United Party could change the wrong government policy by securing a majority. Hwang Kyo-an held a press conference in Jongno-gu, Jongno, Seoul, and greeted the government for the power to contain the runaway.

Lieutenant General Jin-Bok Lee, general manager of the United Nations Party, announced that he would release a report about the so-called 'N-Room' incident around the weekend. [Jin-Bok Lee / Chief General Officer, Future Unification Party: (Are the contents announced during the weekend?) I know that I have a plan to do so.]

In response to the question, 'Are there any passport greetings involved in' Room n '?'

On the 8th, Lee Lee appeared on a conservative YouTube channel on the 8th and said, "There is something to explode in the ruling party."

However, the TF in the n th room in the party said, "There is still only a report on the implications of passport greetings."

There seems to have been a concern that you may be faced with a headwind that you have screamed or irresponsibly exposed.

In the call with SBS, Lee said, "It was said that if there was anything to be announced, I would do it."

The Democratic Party was greeted that 'passport personnel involvement' is a fake news and a politics of the United Party.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyun-sang, Video editing: Chae Cheol-ho)