Born in Parkano, Tiina Jylhä was one of the most famous sex symbols and beauties in our country twenty years ago.

Today, Jylhä, who works as a beauty entrepreneur and participated in Finnish respirator stores, became known as the PR manager of the porn magazine Hustler and after founding Finland's first companion service, Escort Service.

Jylhä decided to close Escort Service, as a survey of sex services and the deteriorating reputation of the industry led him to stop running the service.

- The company lost its image. Demand also decreased when entrepreneurs selling sex entered the industry, Jylhä commented to Ilta-Sanomat in 1997.

Those working in his company were prohibited from having sex during working hours.

Jylhä, who also served as a model, also posed in Hustler himself. Jylhä was the cover girl for the January 1997 issue - in the cover photo she was wearing a black pvc suit.

On Hustler's cover, Jylha was then described as “Madame Hustler” and Jylha was also publicly called the “priestess of sex”.

Tiina Jylhä and Sari Paanala photographed in 1997. The two had beauty business in common in the 90's.

Photo: Ulla-Maija Lähteenmäki

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Before the turn of the millennium, Jylhä entered the beauty industry, first as a consultant and then as an entrepreneur. He founded The Look Clinic in the late 1990s.

Jylhä was buzzed around in 2002 when his ex-husband Tero Pusenius was wanted as the main perpetrator of a tax fraud case and Jylhä himself filed for personal bankruptcy after failing to pay damages convicted of years of car fraud.

- After all, bankruptcy was your choice. There were no options. Mentally, it was the hardest. Even the word bankruptcy sounds as bad, much worse than it really is, he commented to IS at the time.

However, the company was not toppled by personal bankruptcy, nor did it create a great shadow of life in his personal life.

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In the same year, Jylhä got engaged to the artist Juhani Palmu. There was a debt of thousands of euros left for the wedding food at that time.

A year later, Jylhä, on the other hand, left Palmun, who was shocked and applied for a nursing home.

After this, Jylhä was occasionally interviewed by the media, sometimes about beauty, sometimes about love and sometimes about sex.

In 2004, Jylhän was reported to have recovered from skin cancer, and in 2006, he published an autobiographical revelation book about his substance abuse, among other things.

Tiina Jylhä will arrive at the Helsinki District Court on April 16, 2007.

Photo: Peter Jansson

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In 2007 and 2008, Jylhä was sentenced to 11 months and 7 months probation for aggravated debtor dishonesty, an accounting offense and two aggravated tax frauds.

The verdict related to cosmetic surgeries performed in Estonia, for which the commissions paid would have been reported to the taxpayer in full. In addition, more than 110,000 euros in cash withdrawals disappeared from the company's bank accounts before the company's bankruptcy.

In the 2010s, Jylhä's beauty clinic was monitored on the Liv channel and later Jylhä participated in the Viidako starry program.

In 2012, Jylhä was investigated again when the bankruptcy of a Finnish beauty company attracted the attention of the police.

Tiina Jylhä participated in the third season of the Viidako starry series.

Photo: Heikki Saukkomaa / Lehtikuva

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After all, a big passion is gym training. He has also worked as a personal trainer and participated in bodybuilding competitions.

- I still don't feel like I'm stitched enough, even though I train like a man. Training has become such a drug for myself, he told IS in March 2014.

- Annoying, as I always hear how much I dissected myself, but my body I'm pretty self-made hard workout. Few people train as much as I do.

In 2015, Jylhä presented its 1,200-square-meter home in the Kaisa and Luxury Homes program. Built in the 1970s, the four-storey house is located in the most prestigious residential area of ​​Tallinn, close to the sea.

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According to Iltalehti, Jylhä's long-term partner Tapani Valkonen was recently charged with serious misconduct for doping, among other things.

Valkonen has said that Jylhä has nothing to do with it.

Last year, IL said that Jylhä's and Valkonen's earned income in Finland was zero euros. According to the magazine, in August 2019, they had a total of about 140,000 euros in foreclosure.

Tape Valkonen is Tiina Jylhä's long-term partner.

Photo: Gustavo Alavedra

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Less than three weeks ago, Jylhä was marketing protective gear on Twitter. In a tweet written in English on Jylhä's Twitter account on March 22, Jylhä says his company has "40 years of experience in purchasing protective equipment."

He instructs to send inquiries to the company’s email address. Along with the tweet are pictures of face shields and handbags.

- We have 40 years of experience in providing face masks, protective clothing, disinfectants and virus test kits, the tweet says.

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This week, Jylhä ended up in the headlines when Tomi Lounema, CEO of the Center for Security of Supply, confirmed on Thursday that the center has entered into an agreement with Jylhä on corona protectors to be imported to Finland.

According to Lounema, the center has agreed with both businessman Onni Sarmaste and Jylhä on deals worth about five million euros. A separate contract with Jylhä has been paid in half and has been frozen.

Lounema stated that the center has no special relationship with Jylha or Sarmante.

- We have made deals with parties that we would normally exclude from the procurement process, he commented.