Despite the strict government measures and media appeals on an ongoing basis, the Egyptian streets are crowded for most of the day, before they are free of all aspects of life at eight o'clock in the evening, the date of the curfew that was extended for the next two weeks.

With the increasing number of people infected with Coronavirus in Egypt, the government is tightening measures to prevent gatherings and crowding, but there are millions of Egyptians taking risks of crowding daily in search of a livelihood.

Those who met with Al-Jazeera Net met that the living is the first driver behind the crowding of Egyptian streets, where everyone prefers to stay at home in order to safety, but the question that no one answers "and where do we eat?" Chasing them.

"We work today with his day," thus Egyptians explain that they have to go out every day and put themselves at risk of contracting the Coronavirus, they have no food stock, and no fixed salary that guarantees them the minimum needs to stay at home.

An Egyptian woman from the most affected classes says that she goes daily to the street looking for her livelihood by selling fruit to passers-by, stressing that if she sits at home, she and her children will not find them feeding and watering them.

Others demand the Egyptian government to support the poor and the daily workers by exempting them from fees, bills and debts, and to provide more financial and in-kind support to help them overcome the crisis that afflicts everyone.

On the other hand, others look at the full part of the Corona crisis cup, where some of them talked about what they benefited from staying at home, especially in terms of family bonding, and getting closer to its members, which was not available in light of the long working hours and other life concerns.