Corona19 Learn about other countries. America is still serious. In New York alone, nearly 800 people died daily, and scenes of the temporary burying of bodies on remote islands were revealed. Still, the number of inpatients is decreasing, and positive signals are emerging.

Take a look at the report of Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung, and I will connect to Washington.


There was a long pit that looked like a trench on Heart Island near New York.

A dozen pipes are lined up inside, and the workers begin to fill the soil. This is a temporary store that was chosen as a remedy for lack of facilities to accommodate the deaths of the corona19.

Yesterday (9th) Corona 19 in New York has killed the most 799 people so far.

However, there is an outlook that the growth rate of confirmed patients has softened and the peak is imminent.

[Governor Cuomo / New York: I was able to soften the Corona 19 diffusion curve yesterday because of what we did yesterday. If we stop putting social distances, we will see the figures rise again.]

Professor Sang-Hyun Kim, a colorectal surgeon at a university hospital in New York, has been involved in treating corona patients for the past three weeks, unlike specialized subjects.

[Kim Sang-hyun / New York State University Hospital Doctor: The person who breathes well suddenly runs out of oxygen, so you have to put in a breathing chip, put on a ventilator, and when you do that, you're very nervous ... ] The hospital was literally in a state of war, but the situation has been improving in recent years.

[Kim Sang-Hyeon / New York State University Hospital Doctor: The emergency room was lined up just a week ago, but the line is now completely gone. I think the number has decreased significantly now.]

There is an evaluation within the United States that the effectiveness of intense social distance is now beginning to appear.

However, the number of corona19 confirmed cases in the United States is close to 470,000 and the number of deaths is close to 17,000, so there is still a long way to go.

(Video editing: Jang Hyun-gi)