China News Agency, Kampala, Uganda, April 10th, electric question: Chinese medicine acupuncture in Uganda: hot and humid climate shows special effects

Author Shang Zhongjun Pan Dingguo

On the 10th, two special wards lined up in the Nagulu Sino-Ukrainian Friendship Hospital in Kampala, Uganda. The patients who came to see the doctor were all due to a Chinese doctor and a magical fine needle .

On October 8, 2019, China's 20th batch of Uganda medical teams departed from Kunming to start a year of foreign aid medical work at the Lu-China-Ukraine Friendship Hospital in Kampalana Valley, Uganda. Xu Hong, a doctor in the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Yunnan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is the only TCM physician in the medical team.

Acupuncture is a unique method of treating diseases in China, and it is a precious legacy based on Chinese medical and scientific traditions. Xu Hong said, “Since Uganda locals do n’t know much about traditional Chinese medicine, it ’s not easy to show the local people the treatment effect and believe that traditional Chinese medicine is very difficult.”

Xu Hong remembered that when he first arrived in Uganda, an elderly man with stroke, hemiplegia and hemiplegia came from the Chinese medicine clinic. "The patient's family heard that the Chinese doctor could treat the disease and came to the hospital with a try mentality."

Xu Hong said that the old man, like most local patients, flinched after seeing thin acupuncture needles, because he had never heard of a needle puncturing the skin to treat the disease, which was incredible. Xu Hong patiently introduced and comforted this patient, showed the photos of other patients who were treated in China before, and told him that this is a safe and effective treatment method, which has been widely used in China. Finally decided to receive treatment.

After 2 months of treatment, the patient with hemiplegia for 2 years has been able to slowly stand on his own recently, and his upper limb activity has greatly improved. The patient is very amazed, and his children are also overjoyed. The old man ’s example became a “living advertisement” in the hospital, attracting more and more local patients to come to the hospital.

"Uganda's unique climate has made acupuncture play a special role in the treatment of multiple local diseases." Xu Hong said that because Uganda is located in the tropics, it is always hot and humid, many people suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, chronic rhinitis, and fire needle therapy It is most suitable for the treatment of such diseases, and has special effects on acute lumbar sprain, joint sprain, and lumbar muscle strain. Xu Hong said that because of the real curative effect, the locals have also grown from initial fear and doubt to final recognition and welcome. Now more and more people are seeking acupuncture treatment, and more and more people trust the medical team.

During more than half a year in Uganda, Xu Hong and other medical team members held free clinics and traditional Chinese medicine publicity activities during the holidays. At the 2020 Spring Festival in Uganda, hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Uganda, the medical team held the "Xinglin Spring" Chinese Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture Culture Exhibition, Xu Hong introduced the diagnosis and treatment technology of traditional Chinese medicine to Uganda's Presidential Affairs Minister Mbayo At the scene, fire needle and cupping treatments were given to more than 60 patients on the spot, allowing visitors from Uganda, India, Pakistan, Belgium and other countries to appreciate the magical charm of Chinese medicine.

According to reports, Yunnan Province has undertaken the task of sending medical teams to Uganda since 1983. Up to now, 20 batches of medical teams have been sent to Uganda to provide medical services to tens of thousands of local people and train business backbones for aided hospitals. Has received widespread praise from the local people. (Finish)