The Ethics Committee of the United Party has punished Cha Myung-jin, who had spilled the end of the Sewol issue, as a recommendation to withdraw from the party. Chairman Kim Jong-in, who apologized to the public yesterday (9th), said the decision was pathetic, but he did not respond.

This was covered by reporter Yun Na-ra.


The disciplinary action of the United Party Ethics Committee for the late Mayor Cha Myung-jin was' solicitation to withdraw.

"It is admitted that I did that, but I was trying to defend the opponent's" beast "remark," he accepted.

In the debate in question, the opponent candidate quoted a historian who said, "When I went through the Sewol tragedy, I was divided into humans and animals."

If you are invited to withdraw and do not withdraw within 10 days, you will be expelled, but the general election will be over.

Candidate Cha also posted a request for a donation saying he would continue to play as a United Party candidate in Bucheon, Gyeonggi.

The Party Ethics Committee virtually excused the late candidate.

President Kim Jong-in, who professed disfellowship, said, "The decision of the Ethics Committee is pathetic." [Kim Jong-in / Senior Chairman of the Future United Party: I do not recognize candidate Myung-Jin Cha as a candidate for the United Party. The Ethics Committee's judgment is pathetic ... .]

He did not say what he would do to change the Ethics Committee decision.

Between the Ethics Committee and Chairman Kim, Hwang Kyo-an said, "I will consider a little more with the people involved."

In Democracy, Justice and the Socialist Party, blame was poured.

[Hyun Geun-taek / Deputy Spokesman of the Democratic Party of the Democratic Party: The criticism of 'Inmyeonshim depth' is also a waste. The level of the unified party that keeps Cha Myung-jin as a candidate for the National Assembly to represent the people is also terrifying.]

There was concern within the party that the red light was on in the metropolitan elections, driven by the mid-century referees, as the UN opposition party decided to look for a strong supporter instead of a firm response.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyun-sang, Video editing: Won-hee Won)