(Fighting against New Crown Pneumonia) Sichuan's 5 Italian aid experts return to Rong: work together to win the epidemic blocking battle

China News Network, Chengdu, April 10 (Yue Yitong) As a member of China's first group of experts who went to Italy to assist in the prevention and control of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, five Sichuan experts ended their 14-day quarantine in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, and took the opportunity on the 10th Return to Chengdu.

At 13:30 on the same day, five experts walked down the ramp one after another, and the staff who had been waiting for them to send them flowers. "Shu you are the most beautiful, we welcome you home", "The spring breeze is not as good as you, a big smile returns triumphantly" "Humanitarian diplomacy, live up to the mission" ... The welcome staff on the side held various homemade slogans and welcomed the experts to return.

The five Sichuan experts are Liang Zongan, director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Tang Menglin, director nurse of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Tong Wenbin, former deputy director of the Institute of Microbiology, Sichuan CDC, and Ji Jin, lecturer at the School of Foreign Languages, Sichuan University Qin Xiaoli, director of the China Red Cross Society's Chengdu Disaster Relief Center. Since arriving in Rome on March 13, they have fought with local medical staff for nearly two weeks in Italy and returned to China on March 26.

"We have been working hard to convey a belief that as long as we have confidence and unity, we will be able to overcome the epidemic." Tong Wenbin introduced that the expert group in Italy mainly carried out diagnosis and prevention program promotion, sharing and exchange with Italian medical staff China's anti-epidemic experience. He said that when he first arrived in Italy, the amount of local nucleic acid detection was not high, and the effects of early detection and early isolation had not yet been achieved. During the exchange, the Chinese expert group said that the source of transmission should be discovered and blocked as soon as possible. At present, the amount of nucleic acid detection in Italy is very large, and the construction of square cabin hospitals is gradually being carried out.

Liang Zongan told reporters that the level of medical treatment in Italy is very professional. The emergency in the early stage was mainly due to a lack of awareness of the new coronary pneumonia, which requires a process. During his time in Italy, he introduced the Chinese Seventh Edition of the New Coronary Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Program to the Italian side in detail, while the Italian side continued to improve the epidemic prevention system according to the specific situation. "Compared with help, we are more engaged in communication with Italian medical staff. At present, Italy is carrying out scientific research on convalescent plasma and traditional Chinese medicine brought by China, and it may be put into use according to the research results."

Tang Menglin, who was responsible for the infection prevention and control of the members of the expert group, had previously used diary records to help her work. Now that everyone has returned home safely, she laughs and says that she is still "not insulting her mission." According to Tang Menglin, although China and Italy have different languages, cultures, and systems, in fighting the epidemic, "the epidemic of war is without borders. We are together. Only by working together and working together can we win this battle." The epidemic blocked the war. "(End)