China-Singapore Online, April 10 (Chen Jing, Gu Jinliang, Zhang Yiqun) The new coronary pneumonia epidemic spread outside the world, and the safety of overseas students touched everyone's heart. The reporter was informed on the 10th that Shanghai universities and psychologists joined hands to launch transnational psychological assistance to relieve doubts and relieve tension and anxiety for students studying for degrees overseas.

The Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing is a secondary college run by the Shanghai Institute of Electrical Engineering under Sino-foreign cooperation. At present, 53 students are studying for a "2 + 2" double degree at the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences and Bremen University of Applied Sciences in Germany. With the spread of the epidemic in Europe, the number of confirmed cases in Germany is also increasing. The Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing of Shanghai Institute of Electrical Engineering has repeatedly communicated with Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences in Germany, and strengthened contact with German universities to formulate anti-epidemic cooperation measures.

Recently, a student from Germany in the Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing of the Shanghai Electrical Engineering Institute sent a health report to his counselor. The tension and anxiety are obvious. The students are far away in a foreign country, and the school finds ways to help them overcome the difficulties.

During the interview, the reporter learned that, on the one hand, in order to keep abreast of the physical and mental health information of the students, the school arranged a special teacher to chat with the students in Germany every day. , Runwu fine and silent. On the other hand, the college is committed to sending the relief of professional psychological counselors to Germany through the "cloud". According to the school, the school and Xu Linqun, a specialist in psychology at Shanghai Pudonghui Mental Health Center, held a cross-border psychological assistance to provide collective lectures for students from Germany and Germany to relieve tension.

It is reported that through the feedback of the questionnaire organized by the previous college, Xu Linqun has a full understanding of the psychological dynamics of the students in Germany, thus making this transnational psychological assistance lecture more targeted and deceptive. Xu Linqun focused on analyzing how students in Germany should make psychological adjustments, teaching students to use mindfulness breathing and safe island technology to learn to accept and manage their emotions and body.

After listening to the lecture, the students who participated online started to communicate with Dr. Xu. At the end of the lecture, a classmate said in the message sent to the counselor: "Thanks to the college for sending me the kind of understanding that Gan Lin desperately needed. I used to feel a lot of anxiety and worry, and I will be able to use these Way to face the epidemic. " (Finish)