(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) A new case of death from New Coronary Pneumonia in Taiwan

China News Agency, Taipei, April 10 (Taiwan ’s Epidemic Epidemic Command Center) announced on the 10th that there were two new confirmed cases of coronary artery pneumonia and one death case on that day, with a total of 6 deaths, and the case fatality rate increased from 1.32% to 1.57%.

According to Taiwanese media reports such as the Central News Agency, United Daily News, and China Times, the center announced that the two new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia on the 10th were all imported cases, with a total of 382 confirmed cases, including 328 imported cases and 54 Local cases. The 367 people who took the flight from Hubei to Taiwan on March 29 and 30 were in good health and continued to conduct close health monitoring in the centralized quarantine office.

According to reports, one of the newly confirmed cases on the same day came from CI011 flight from New York to Taiwan on March 30. So far, there have been 11 confirmed new pneumonia patients on this flight. Experts from the "epidemic epidemic command center" discussed that after the resolution period expired, more than 300 people on the whole machine should be inspected once.

Taiwan's "Chinese Academy of Sciences" announced on the 10th that it has found a virus-inhibiting protease inhibitor that can inhibit the replication of new coronavirus in vitro. The best inhibitors are 10 times more potent than known inhibitors. This achievement needs to be tested in animals and humans before becoming a new drug against the new coronavirus.

People from Taiwan can send masks to their spouses or second-degree relatives living overseas from the 9th. Taiwan ’s “China Post” reported on the 10th that on the 9th it received a total of 1891 qualified mails for masks, which were sent to the United States most, accounting for 59%, followed by Japan (26%), and also sent to mainland China, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, United Kingdom, France and other places. (Finish)