The number of new deaths from the coronavirus (115) was less than a week earlier on Friday, according to the daily COVID-19 update by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The number of new hospital admissions on Friday is significantly smaller at 225 than last Friday (502).

The new figures from RIVM do not relate to the actual number of hospital admissions and deaths: these are only reports that have been received by the institute, and there is a delay in this.

The number of confirmed infections rose again, to 23,097. Since Thursday, 1,335 confirmed infections have been reported to RIVM.

However, more people have been tested since this week, making it seem like the disease is spreading faster than before. RIVM emphasizes that this is not the case.

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This chart will be updated as soon as possible with Friday's figures.

Total deaths may be once as high

Figures from the Central Statistics Office (CBS) also show that the total number of deaths may be once as high as RIVM has reported so far.

Statistics Netherlands keeps track of the total number of deaths per week and compares this with the average number of deaths. This excess mortality last week amounted to approximately 2,000 deaths, of whom approximately 1,000 were registered by RIVM.

It should be added that Statistics Netherlands does not provide information about the cause of death. So it cannot be said with certainty that the excess mortality is 100 percent attributable to the coronavirus.

Just like a flu wave, RIVM ultimately focuses mainly on the figures for excess mortality. The daily update is also important for the statistics and contains the figures of the number of deaths of those who are sure that there was a corona infection.

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The coronavirus in short

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