Training instructor Betty Erör Wassenius has started outdoor training in Växjö when she saw that there was a great need. She did a little research on her social media and the results showed that many people moved less when they worked from home or were laid off.

- We need to maintain the training and we need to do it outdoors so everyone feels safe. Many people have told me that they can keep up the fitness with walking and running, but that they lack strength training. Then I felt that I had plenty of gear, so I can pick that with me, says Betty Erör Wassenius.

Donation-based training

The pass is free but anyone who wants and can be asked to donate money to something that can make a difference in the corona crisis. Earlier, money was raised for "Together for Växjö" who bought lunches for health care personnel. On Friday, the money received was donated to the women's magazine Blenda.

During Good Friday, there was also a premiere for filming of the passports, so that anyone who wants to be able to participate remotely.

In the clip you can see how the training session went and hear what some of the participants thought.