• The Eurogroup finds an agreement, the ball passes to the heads of state and government
  • In Spain the victims drop, to a minimum since March 24th. In Germany over 118 thousand cases


10 April 2020 Immediately after Italy, Malta also declares its ports "unsafe" for migrants and has ordered their closure.

In a letter to Brussels, the government of Malta writes: "Considering the public health emergency resulting from the spread of coronavirus and the current extraordinary burden that the national health services are facing, as well as the extraordinary commitments made by the public sector to the care and assistance to patients of Covid-19, currently it is not possible to guarantee the availability of a "safe place" on the Maltese territory, without compromising the efficiency / functionality of the national health, logistics and security structures, which are dedicated to limit the spread of the disease, as well as to provide care and treatment to Covid-19 patients. "

After recalling that it had ordered the closure of airports and the restriction of the movement of people, and the risk that people affected by the new coronavirus among the migrants themselves, the Maltese government says: "It is believed that the Maltese authorities are unable to ensure the rescue of immigrants.

"Therefore, in light of the magnitude of these pressures, it is considered that the Maltese authorities are unable to guarantee the rescue of immigrants aboard boats, ships or other boats, nor to guarantee the availability of a 'safe place' on the Maltese territory for people rescued at sea ".