(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) The Legal Work Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People ’s Congress: Investigate and correct in accordance with the law the refusal to recruit workers from areas with severe epidemics

China News Agency, Beijing, April 10: Recently, workers in Hubei province have been treated differently, hard to find a job, or even unreasonably dismissed. Guo Linmao, director of the Social Law Office of the Legal Work Committee of the NPC Standing Committee, said on the 10th that It is necessary to investigate and correct in accordance with the law the refusal to recruit workers from areas where the epidemic is serious.

"The people of Hubei, especially the people of Wuhan, unafraid of hardships and perseverance, consciously obeyed the needs of the epidemic prevention and control, took the initiative to participate in the epidemic prevention and control struggle, and made great efforts. As the epidemic prevention and control situation continued to improve, enterprises and institutions in various regions resumed work one after another With the resumption of production, the majority of workers gradually return to work. "Guo Linmao said that the right to work is a basic right granted to citizens by the Constitution. From different perspectives, China ’s labor laws clearly stipulate the protection of workers ’fair employment and the prohibition of employment discrimination.

Guo Linmao said that the Employment Promotion Law stipulates that the state puts job expansion at a prominent position in economic and social development. People ’s governments at all levels should create a fair employment environment and expand employment through multiple channels. According to the Labor Law and Employment Promotion Law, the state guarantees fair employment for workers and opposes any form of employment discrimination. The employing unit terminates the labor contract on the grounds that the laborers are geographically different, also violates the relevant provisions of the labor contract law, and shall bear corresponding legal responsibilities. Human resources and social security departments at all levels supervise and inspect the implementation of labor laws and regulations by employers according to law, stop illegal acts, and order corrections.

Guo Linmao emphasized that regional fear and discrimination regardless of circumstances impaired workers ’right to fair employment, which was neither legal nor conducive to consolidating the results of epidemic prevention and control and promoting economic and social development. In response to the phenomenon of individual employers refusing to recruit and dismissing Hubei laborers for no reason, localities must take effective measures in a timely manner.

First, in accordance with the requirements of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the employment channels of laborers should be unblocked, the obstacles to the working mechanism of laborers returning to employment should be effectively eliminated, and a good fair employment environment should be created.

The second is to strictly implement labor laws and regulations. For refusing to recruit laborers in severe epidemic areas, and terminating labor relations on the grounds of serious epidemic areas, we must investigate and correct them in accordance with the law.

The third is to increase legal publicity, guide the employers to recruit workers according to law, and earnestly safeguard the rights of workers to fair employment. (Finish)