The French spend much more time than usual in their accommodation. And as they cook, tinker or garden more often, hand accidents are increasing. With, sometimes, somewhat surprising pathologies.

With the confinement imposed to fight against the coronavirus, the desire to tinker, garden or cook is more easily satisfied. But with the resurgence of manual household activities, doctors are seeing "a change in the pathologies of the hand during this period of confinement", as assured by the hand surgeon Nicolas Robert, contacted by Europe 1.

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Among these domestic accidents, there are those related to DIY, because some logically take advantage of confinement to open the toolbox. The rest is well known: the hammer misses the nail and taps the fingers, or the saw goes further and goes beyond the piece of wood. There are also awkward injuries related to gardening, when those who can take out the pruning shears or the mower to finish their hand in a bandage a few hours later.

The lawyer problem

But the wounds that must be treated mainly are those related to the kitchen: with containment, the stoves have never heated up as much. "As summer arrives, more and more people make salads and use lots of avocados," explains Nicolas Robert in particular. "A pathology appeared with wounds related to the pitting of the avocado with the tip of the knife. People, trying to pit the avocado, pierce their hands. We observe relatively serious wounds with sections of tendons or sections of nerves. "


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Finally, other accidents are due to the nervousness of confinement, such as the fracture of the hand after a punch in a wall, a mirror, a microwave. And then, despite all the affection they have for their master, cats and dogs claw and bite more. Domestic animals indeed feel the tension of one who shares the sofa a little more, or fills the bowl.

You have to get treatment

In all cases, the victims of these accidents must go to the emergency room for treatment, with care routes to prevent them from encountering patients suffering from coronavirus. If they are not treated right away, the risk will be much greater.