New tests have shown new infections with the Coronavirus among people who have already recovered from the disease, which raises a question about the reasons for this, and whether the virus is hiding in the body where it is difficult to detect with medical tests.

The German newspaper Bild reported that 51 patients from the city of Daegu in South Korea were infected with the Coruna virus again after they recovered from it during quarantine, which may negate the circulating talk that those recovering from Corona are acquiring immunity against it.

Epidemiologists at the Center for Preventive Disease Control in Daegu believe that patients did not catch the virus again, but rather remained at undetectable levels in the cells of patients, and then reactivated itself.

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While British researchers excluded this belief as reported by the British newspaper "The Sun", indicating that the results of the first medical exams may have been wrong, as it is not conceivable the idea that the virus will reactivate itself, and they suggest that the results after recovery gave incorrect data.

A number of scientists had expressed concern in previous reports that people could be infected again, but they stressed the need to collect more evidence before the results were drawn.

Mark Harris, a professor of virology at the University of Leeds, explains to the British newspaper that more information is needed on these patients, "such as the presence of underlying medical conditions or a change in conditions that may have allowed the virus to escape immune control."

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Corona virus patients usually need to pass two negative examinations before leaving the quarantine, as the tests currently available give results that are almost incorrect for every one out of five people.

It is now believed that Corona patients will remain immune to the disease in the medium term, at least once they recover.