Today Prince Philip lived the longest period of a husband living with the British royal family, and until his retirement in 2017 he was 96 years old. The question is, why was Philip not called a king?

The reason that deprived Philip of the title of king is due to the Parliamentary Law of Succession, which takes into account only sex when granting titles, the wives of kings usually take the title of husband, and the woman becomes queen because she is the king's wife. Kate Middleton could be queen if her husband William becomes king.

The reason for this is that the title of queen can be used to describe a royal queen or the king's wife where the title is formal and ceremonial. But the title of king is never used except to describe the ruling king and does not have any formal meanings related to the ceremony.

Prince Philip was born a prince as a member of a Greek and Danish royal family, but he abdicated his right to the throne to marry Queen Elizabeth. His parents are Prince Andrew of Greek and Danish descent, and his mother, Princess Alice of German Descent. His family left their homeland in Greece after the outbreak of unrest in this country.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth got married 73 years ago, on November 20, 1947. This marriage arrived on its Diamond Day in 2017, 70 years after the marriage.

Prince Philip and Elizabeth met 13 years before their marriage during the marriage of Greek Princess Marina and British Prince George, Duke of Kent, in 1934. After their third meeting in July 1935, the Queen, who was thirteen at the time, said that she fell in love with Philip Who became her husband in the future, and started exchanging letters.

Hassan Abdo Hassan translation - About Daily Express