The Catalan giant is storming in Barcelona again.

This time, disagreements and scandalous tricks by club leaders led to a mass exodus from the government when a total of six members decided to leave positions of trust behind.

Among those who resigned were e.g. Emili Rosaud and Enrique Tombas, vice-presidents of the club.

The mass exodus of board members was a hard hit for Josep Maria Bartomeu, who has run Barcelona since 2014, whose era has been turbulent before and board members have changed at a rapid pace.

The resigned members published a letter justifying their early departure.

The members of the Board were e.g. disappointed at the way in which President Bartomeu has dealt with the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

Players starring Lionel Messi accused the club’s management of distorting the facts when word spread to the public that Barcelona players would be reluctant to cut wages.

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Players eventually agreed to cut their salaries by as much as 70 percent.

Some Scandal

In February, the ensemble was shaken by an even bigger scandal, to which the resigned board members also referred in their resignation letter.

Lionel Messi has criticized the chairman of the board.

Photo: Albert Gea / Reuters

A Spanish radio program reported that Barcelona had hired a company to slander the club’s current and former stars as well as future presidential candidates on social media. According to press reports, the purpose of the campaign was to clean up the reputation of President Bartomeu and at the same time to allow people to criticize Bartomeu.

The chairman denied the allegations, but nevertheless terminated the contract with the company.

In their letter, the resigned members of the board hoped that the new chairman would be voted on as soon as possible so that Barcelona would return to skilled hands.

Source: Reuters