Singapore discontinued the use of the "Zoom" video conferencing tool after "very serious accidents" in the first week of the closure that led schools to move to learn from home due to the Corona virus pandemic.

Google takes advantage of this stumbling block, making changes to its rival Hangout program.

The Singapore Ministry of Education said Friday that the comment was the result of what has come to be known as "Zoom Zoom", which is the storming of video call strangers without invitation.

One of the incidents included obscene pictures on the screens and strange men making obscene comments while broadcasting a geographic lesson with teenage girls, according to local media reports.

"These are very serious accidents," said Aaron Luo of the Ministry's Education Technology Department, without giving details of the incidents, adding that the Ministry of Education is currently investigating the breaches and will report to the police if necessary.

"As a precaution, our teachers will stop using the Zoom software until these security issues are resolved," Luo added.

Luo said they would give more advice to teachers on security protocols such as requesting secure logins and not sharing the meeting link outside of the class.

Zoom Silla faces criticism related to safety and privacy, especially after it witnessed a significant increase in use with the closure of offices and schools all over the world to try to reduce the incidence of corona.

Taiwan and Germany have already placed restrictions on the use of Zoom, and the company is also facing a class action lawsuit over concerns about its lack of comprehensive encryption of meeting sessions, directing traffic across China and "bombing Zoom".

Also, major companies banned the application of their employees, as Google banned the desktop version of Zoom devices from Wednesday.

Google launches an unnecessary competitor
In this atmosphere, The Verge confirmed on Thursday that Google has changed the name of its Hangouts Meet to Google Meet only, and has updated a number of support pages to include the label New, and the old brand will still exist for mobile applications, but may change soon after the new change has occurred.

Hangouts owns the Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet brands, and Google now appears to focus on video conferencing, which has suddenly become important to the personal and professional lives of many people due to the Corona pandemic.

The brand new appeared in a publication of Google Cloud, talking about the privacy measures used by Google to prevent the penetration of meetings remotely, as it referred to the service under its new name, Google Mitt.

Google confirmed that it officially changed the service name, and also confirmed that Mitt is a separate part of the G Suite suite of services, which also includes Google Gmail, Docks, Sheets, and Drive.