The preliminary voting for the 21st general election began today (10th). It is possible to pre-vote until 6 pm tomorrow, the first day of which 5.33 million people participated, with a turnout of 12.14%. This is the highest turnout rate since the pre-voting system was implemented in 2014.

First news reporter Park Ha-jung.


Pre-voting began at 3,508 polling stations nationwide starting at 6:00 this morning.

The number of voters on the first day was 53.3 million, with a turnout of 12.14%. It was 5.45% in the general election four years ago, and 11.7% in the election three years ago.

By region, Jeonnam was the highest at 18.18%, while Daegu was the lowest at 10.24%.

The increase in pre-voting also seems to be in the aftermath of Corona19.

The number of polling places is four times larger than the day of the general election, but it seems that the voters' opinion that there will be less interpersonal contact with the pre-voting is held for two days. President Moon Jae-in and his wife Kim Jeong-suk, who wore masks, also finished pre-voting this morning.

The opposition party appealed to the supporters for an active pre-voting.

[Lee Hae-chan / Independence Democratic Party leader: It is a treasure only if a ball is standing and stitched. No matter how much you think the Moon Jae-in government is doing well, you will have to vote to win the Democratic and Civic Party candidates.]

[Hwang Kyo-An / Future Union Leader: It is the right time to explode the anxiety and anger buried in your heart. We sincerely ask that you actively participate in the pre-voting.]

With high voter turnout, the Democratic Party disagreed that the desire to overcome Corona19 was reflected in the support of the passport, and the United Party reflected the desire of the government to judge.

The Justice Party raised a question at a polling place in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, that election officers had guided the Democratic and United Party satellite parties, but the National Election Commission said it had given directions to not answer party questions.

(Video coverage: Seunghwan Lee, Haryung, Video editing: Jongmi Kim)