Correspondent Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung also looks at the US economy. The shock I received from Corona 19 is huge, but the number of unemployed people in the United States continues to grow rapidly?


Since I lost my job, the number of claims for unemployment benefits has been booming for three weeks.

Looking at the number of claims over the past three weeks, it appears that 17 million people have lost their jobs in the short term.

As most Americans are evacuating home and shops are almost closed, the unemployment crisis is bound to continue. In Florida, when too many people were forced to apply online and their servers went down, thousands of unemployed people lined up to get paper applications, and in Texas, there was a long queue of waiting cars in front of the food banks to distribute food to the poor, making it look like a huge parking lot. I did.


How is the Fed, the central bank in the United States, moving?


The Fed said it would buy even a junk bond, a speculative-grade corporate bond, to minimize the economic impact of the Corona crisis, and the amount of money it sells on the market is $ 2.3 trillion, or $ 2800 trillion in our money.

[Jerome Powell / Fed Chairman of the United States: The Fed will continue to use these powers powerfully, aggressively, and rudely until it is confident that the US economy is on its way to recovery.]

In order to support financially struggling local governments, we have even introduced local government bond buying bodies.

The Fed tried to reassure the market that the economy would be difficult in the second quarter, but that the economic recovery would be quick and strong as the Corona 19 recovery began.

(Video coverage: Jungsik Oh, Video editing: Yonghwa Jung, Hyungi Jang)