This is a live report from reporters. Today (10th), we will examine the situation in the Yeongnam region among six regions across the country.

This is reporter Jeong Hyun Jeong.


When I ask for 40 seats in Busan, Ulsan, Gyeongnam, and the Democratic Party, they say that the current three are dominant and the 17 are close combat.

It means that about half are thirteen.

On the other hand, the United Party says 33 places dominate and 7 places as close encounters, and there are no thirteen regions.

Let's go to Yangsan-gil, Gyeongnam, one of the largest junctions of the Boolean.

[Kim Soon-ae / Yangsan-si, Gyeongnam: (corona 19 correspondence) At first, I was a little puzzled. The fact is. But now I think I'm doing too well (response), and now I have to keep pushing (the ruling party).]

[Kwak Sang-ryeong / Yangsan-si, Gyeongnam: Two years ago, others changed (to Yeodang). What has changed? All rolled up.]

Governor vs. Mayor.

Both Democratic Party candidate Kim Doo-gwan, who served as the Governor of Gyeongnam, and candidate Dong-Yeon Na, a former U.S.-born Mayor of Yangsan, put 'local workers' theory ahead.

[Kim Doo-gwan / Democratic Party candidate: (Yangsan) To solve the issue, I think that the person who has the experience, ability, and human network of the Minister, Governor, and National Assembly is the right person.]

[Nadong Yeon / Future United Party Candidate: Serving as a Mayor of Yangsan, we know more than anyone in the deep, shallow, and what our citizens want from Yangsan City.]

Righteous Party candidate Kwon Hyun-woo promises politics to the public.

According to the recent 4 surveys, Democratic candidates Doo-Kwan Kim and Dong-Yeon Na, who are consolidated, are on the brink of falling within the margin of error.

In addition to Yangsan, the Democratic and United Party officially selected PK as the close encounters in Busan, Jungyeong-do, Nam-eul, Haeundae, and Gimhae-gap, Gyeongnam.

In the six-seat city of Ulsan, the Democratic Party considers Buk-gu and Ulju-gun as close encounters, and the United Nations believes that the progressives are not united, so they are superior in all regions.

What about Daegu and Gyeongbuk with 25 seats?

The United Party selects 24 places as dominant candidates and Suseong, Daegu, where independent candidate Jun-Pyo Hong runs.

In fact, although it is possible to wipe it out, the Democratic Party said that although it is difficult to judge the TK, the bottom sentiment is different.

(Video coverage: used, video editing: Choi Hye-young)