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"He has been released from the UCI but we cannot yet say that Boris is out of danger," Stanley Johnson , the father of the British Prime Minister, who has followed with extreme concern the evolution of his son since contracting the coronavirus. "Using an American expression: he's been on the verge of leaving us without one on the team and we have to make sure now that he plays the right way."

Boris Johnson continues to evolve favorably since leaving the ICU of St. Thomas Hospital on Thursday afternoon, after spending three days on intensive surveillance and oxygen assistance (although without needing a respirator). In one of the brief two-line statements, a Dowing Street spokesman said the "premier" is in "extremely high" spirits, but will remain in hospital temporarily.

Stanley Johnson vehemently criticized the attitude of his own son, who remained in command of the Government during the ten days of quarantine before his admission to the hospital, and publicly asked him to take what happened as a severe warning: "You have to take your What I don't think I can do is go back to Downing Street and take command without a period of readjustment. "

Boris' father, who on Thursday joined the collective applause for the doctors and nurses, said he was "tremendously grateful" for the efforts and dedication of the staff of the National Health System (NHS).

Deaths in the UK (7,978) continue to rise to a level very close to that of Italy and Spain at their critical moment. Despite the message released by the Government ("Stay home at Easter") thousands of Britons returned to rush into the parks taking advantage of the good weather.

The Government will very possibly decide in the next few hours the extension of the "social distance" measures, at least until the end of April. Even a tightening of the measures is not ruled out , in light of the use and abuse that the British are making of the "permission" to exercise outdoors once a day.

The police, however, took action without waiting for further orders. In South Yorkshire, officers made rounds to confine people to sunbathing or gardening in their homes. In Cambridge, meanwhile, the police conducted inspections in supermarkets to make sure that neighbors bought only "essential" food and items. Interior Secretary Priti Patel had to intervene and ask the police not to resort to "heavy handed" for the duration of the quarantine.

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