Mattias Palmgren, Continental's Nordic product development manager, tells Tuulilas, who was the first to report the matter, that the reason for the withdrawal was the so-called Detachment of FlexStud rubber studs.

“FlexStud studs are a solution developed by Tikka Spikes, a Finnish company owned by Continental, which was supposed to not only improve the tire's drivability, but also reduce the wear of studded tires on the road,” says Tuulilasi.

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According to the magazine, Olli Koivusalo, the editor-in-chief of the windshield, is upset about the situation, as many of the test winners have now received a “wolf and a second” instead of the top ring that won the test.

- This is a unique case, I do not remember the same. No tire development work should be left this way to customers. Without further ado, Continental will now lose its win in the Tuulilas winter tire comparison afterwards, Koivusalo states and continues:

- Car magazine comparisons do not cover mileage in such a way as to reveal such very exceptional problems in terms of durability.

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The owners of FlexStud tires, which have only been on the market for one winter, are now being given back their money. However, you must contact your dealer for these tires.