China News Service, April 9th, according to the Dutch United Times, when a new coronary pneumonia epidemic spreads in the Netherlands, a number of caring institutions have sent care to the Dutch Chinese elders. At noon on April 6, local time, Lin Haoran, chairman of Holland China International Trade Co., Ltd., and Chang Wenjia, chairman of the Dutch Shandong Chamber of Commerce, delivered a batch of donated anti-epidemic items to the Dutch Chinese Elders Organization-Songbai Federation. The President of Songbai Federation Wang Yongquan and Vice President Yang Jiemin received supplies in Rotterdam and distributed them to members.

During the severe period of the outbreak, the elders in the Netherlands even needed the caring care of the community. Yang Jiemin, vice president of Songbai Association, contacted and obtained Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tongjuntang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Jiangyin Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. , East China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the Dutch Shandong Chamber of Commerce and the Netherlands China International Trade Corporation. In particular, they donated a batch of anti-epidemic items for the pine and cypress elders, including 1800 bags of antiviral Chinese medicine granules, 2000 bags of Ganoderma spore powder and 2000 Chinese medicine sachets. These donor agencies hope to help the elders strengthen their anti-epidemic health care capacity during the outbreak.

In addition to expressing concern and condolences to members, the Dutch Pine and Cypress Federation also helps them with practical actions. On March 30, the Dutch Elders Association (KBO-PCOB) and the Dutch Association of Foreigner Elders (NOOM) jointly established an elders hotline to provide consultation services for the new coronavirus epidemic for the elderly population across the country. The Dutch Pine and Pine Federation is responsible for the consultation and liaison work of the Chinese elderly.

The Dutch Pine and Pine General Association was established in 1988. Its purpose is to contact Chinese people over the age of 50 in the Netherlands, to pay attention to the welfare and rights of the elderly in the old age, and to reflect the Chinese demands to the relevant authorities and encourage the attention of the elderly.