Sabah China-China Friendship Association handed over Chinese overseas Chinese donated anti-epidemic items to Sabah State Ministry of Health, Kota Kinabalu, April 9 (Reporter Chen Yue) The Sabah Chinese Association has handed over the epidemic prevention materials donated by the overseas Chinese from all over China to the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Sabah State. The President of the Sabah Malaysia-China Friendship Association, Hu Yishan, said that this reflects the friendly friendship between Sabah and all parts of China for mutual support and cooperation in the fight against epidemics.

Liao Zhiguo, executive vice president and secretary-general of the Sabah-China Friendship Association, told reporters that these materials are mainly masks and come from the Fujian People ’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and overseas Chinese organizations in Sichuan, Shanxi, and Xiamen. Witnessed by Liang Caide, Chinese Consul General in Kota Kinabalu, and others, Sabah State Minister of Health and Welfare Pan Mingfeng accepted the supplies on behalf of the Sabah State Government.

Pan Mingfeng congratulated Wuhan on the smooth unblocking. He said that the Sabah Ministry of Health's epidemic prevention materials supported by all walks of life will become "important ammunition" to fight the epidemic.

Hu Yishan also said that this batch of donated materials will be distributed to medical front-line staff and people in need. At present, more donated materials will continue to work in the association and the Sabah State Government, the Chinese Embassy in Kota Kinabalu With the support of the consulate and people from all walks of life, they arrived in Sabah. (Finish)