China News Service, April 9th, according to the Philippine Star, Philippine President Duterte said on the 8th that he is considering the possibility of selling government assets as a "last resort" to raise funds for large-scale response to the epidemic. ".

As Duterte made this remark, the Philippine government was busy raising funds through loans and using special powers granted by Congress to reallocate some items in the national budget.

The report said that Duterte proposed the possibility of selling state-owned land where the Philippine Cultural Center and the Philippine International Convention Center are located.

In response to Duterte ’s remarks that “sales deteriorated” and the possibility of selling state-owned assets to raise funds, the Philippine Senate Speaker Vincent Soto said that the president (saying this) is only to assure the public that he will do his best to deal with the government ’s health crisis To raise funds.

He also added, "Considering that we are taking a serious approach to the epidemic, I don't think it will be (sale of government assets)."

The Philippine Ministry of Health said on the 8th that there were 106 new cases of new coronary pneumonia in the Philippines, with a total of 3870 cases diagnosed; 5 new deaths and a total of 182 deaths.