China News Service, April 9th, according to the South American Overseas Chinese News Network, in order to support the epidemic prevention work of overseas Chinese in Brazil, the Brazilian Chinese Association distributed free anti-epidemic materials to overseas Chinese who have real anti-epidemic needs.

On April 4, local time, President Zhang Wei of the Brazilian Chinese Association led members of the volunteer team to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. After a busy day, they packed 26,000 anti-epidemic packages containing 10 medical masks.

On April 6, Zhang Wei and several volunteers came to the Chamber of Commerce early to prepare. After 2 pm, more and more Chinese came to the masks, and long queues lined up at the door. Ye Zhouyong, the chairman of the Brazilian Chinese Association, and Secretary General Zhang Liqun also came to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and joined the volunteers to work.

Volunteers first asked everyone to swipe a QR code and enter a small program to enter personal information. The Brazilian Chinese Association issued materials APP was developed by the vice president Jiang Youyang in three days. With this APP, materials information was distributed Aggregation and statistics are much more convenient.

At the scene, the volunteers will remind everyone to pull away, and ask the person in front to scan the code and log in to the APP to enter their name, ID number, date of birth and other information. After reviewing the materials and information, the volunteers responsible for the reception distributed one by one the anti-epidemic packages to the overseas Chinese.

The overseas Chinese who received the loving anti-epidemic package thanked the Brazilian Chinese Association repeatedly when they left, and the volunteers also reminded the overseas Chinese to cherish the supplies, keep the masks, and disinfect it. You can use it several times.

In the end, with the concerted efforts and hustle and bustle of everyone, the distribution activity ended at 5 o'clock, and a total of nearly 300 overseas Chinese were received.

In recent days, the distribution of love anti-epidemic packages will continue. The distribution locations are: Rua Safira 10, Aclimação, São Paulo. (Brazilian Chinese Chamber of Commerce); Distribution time: From April 6th, every day from 2 pm to 5 pm; Distribution crowd: Chinese and overseas Chinese who have practical needs, and those over 60 years old are preferred.

In addition, overseas Chinese are requested to provide photo identification when receiving the anti-epidemic package. (Zhuangyi)