The Finnish state's failed respirator trade is intertwined in a strange tangle in which two entrepreneurs quarrel with each other. Suomen Kuvalehti reports on the matter.

In the video above, a government briefing on protective gear.

One of them is Tiina Jylhä, a beauty entrepreneur known for her entertainment publicity, who accuses Onni Sarmaste, a bailiff's businessman who has run fast-paced companies, of embezzlement. Sarmaste, for his part, claims to have been the target of a scam and blackmail attempt.

According to Suomen Kuvalehti, the Finnish state did not order respirators purchased from China directly from China, but from a company in Sarmaste. On Wednesday, the Center for Security of Supply announced that the supplies do not meet European standards for hospital use.

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Jylhä, who runs a plastic surgery clinic in Estonia, says that the Security of Supply Center had ordered respirators from his company, and Sarmaste was to work on the project only as a consultant negotiating deals with the state.

Tomi Lounema, CEO of the Security of Supply Center, tweeted a picture of a Finnair aircraft that brought surgical masks and respirators to Helsinki-Vantaa from Quangzhou, China.

Photo: Lehtikuva

However, according to him, Sarmaste took a deal worth millions to himself by informing the Security of Supply Center of the wrong Belgian account number for the advance payment.

Sarmaste, on the other hand, says that his intention was to procure supplies for sale to the state from Jylhä's company, but he had not been able to supply them. Sarmaste claims that Jylhä and his partner Tapani Valkonen would have hired the angels of the motorcycle gang Helvet to charge him five million euros. According to Sarmaste, a large stone was thrown through his window on Monday.

The Security of Supply Center did not comment on the matter to Suomen Kuvalehti.

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