China News Service, April 9th, according to the "Shanghai Education" WeChat public account, the senior and junior grades of Shanghai will return to school on April 27, and colleges and secondary vocational schools can start arranging from April 27 Students returning to school after graduation (the specific school start time will be released by the school after approval).

According to the Information Office of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, schools at all levels should prepare for the return to school in batches of other school segments and grades by May 6, and the specific time will be released after further research and determination based on the development of the epidemic situation. Training institutions shall not carry out offline training and services before returning to school in Shanghai primary and secondary schools and kindergartens.

At the same time, according to the relevant work deployment, the arrangement of some Shanghai education examinations in 2020 is adjusted as follows:

The examination time for autonomous enrollment at the junior college level in ordinary colleges and universities is May 10;

Some ordinary colleges and universities enroll in the "College Upgrade" exam on May 23;

Ordinary colleges and universities for secondary vocational schools full-time freshmen enrollment examination (three college students college entrance examination) time is May 30-31;

The senior high school level examinations are scheduled for June 6-7;

The enrollment examination time for high school in the middle school is June 27-28, and the physical examination framework and scores remain unchanged, and are still composed of two parts: daily assessment and unified test, with a total score of 30 points (out of 15 points for daily assessment, by The school is completed according to the requirements of previous years; the unified test will be suspended due to the epidemic situation in 2020, and the corresponding score will be counted as the total score of 15 points in the student's overall entrance examination);

The national unified college entrance examination time is July 7-9;

The examination time for high school academic qualifications is July 11-13.

The Information Office of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission mentioned that education administrative departments at all levels and schools at all levels should be serious, solid, and meticulous in preparing for the return to school for the spring semester of 2020, strengthen responsibility, refine plans and measures, and protect material reserves , Do a good job in implementation, carry out training and emergency drills, and make every effort to ensure the public health safety of teachers and students and campus.

The Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and the district education bureaus will organize a full-coverage on-site inspection of the implementation of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control requirements at all levels and types of schools before returning to school.