China-Singapore Online Online, April 9 (Reporter Chen Jing) When children start school is a topic that parents are most concerned about. Lu Jing, director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, disclosed on the 9th that Shanghai ’s senior and junior grades returned to school on April 27. Lu Jing pointed out that according to the principle of wrong area, wrong level and wrong time, students will be organized into different levels to start school. He also pointed out that the epidemic prevention and control of schools will be higher than that of ordinary units and places.

It is reported that the grade test of Shanghai high school academic level is June 6-7; the time of high school entrance examination for secondary school is June 27-28; the time of high school academic qualification test is July 11-13 . The director of the education committee emphasized that the training institutions shall not carry out offline training and services before returning to school in elementary and middle schools and kindergartens in this city.

Lu Jing said that the whole society pays close attention to when students return to school. "Sometimes ago, there was a heated discussion on the Internet when Shanghai students returned to school. Supporting and opposing views accounted for half of the country, with different angles and different reasons. We have all seen these opinions. When students return to school, We always take a highly cautious attitude. We always consider various factors on the premise of giving priority to ensuring the safety of teachers and students, and repeatedly weigh and determine. "

Lu Jing pointed out that due to the age characteristics of primary school students and kindergarten children, their self-protection ability is relatively weak, and they need to pay more attention to them and create safer conditions. Therefore, they are considering returning to school in these grades and grades At the start of school, "we will be more cautious."

Regarding the connection between online and offline teaching, Li Baiyan, principal of Shanghai Jianping Experimental Middle School, believes that the overall teaching effect of online teaching is much better than expected. Wang Yang, the principal of Cao Yang No. 2 Middle School in Shanghai, said frankly: "Our first online teaching of all subjects, from the perspective of density and capacity, basically meets the learning requirements of students; but in the implementation of teaching content, abstract content learning and higher-order thinking Capacity development requires more effective communication and interaction. "He said that after students return to school, the school will make adjustments to the education and teaching plan, focusing on front-to-back connection and online and offline integration. Li Baiyan revealed that he will seriously study the connection between online teaching and offline teaching after returning to school, set up "learning special needs clinic", and study how to take advantage of mixed teaching in the future and establish a normal teaching order.

The school is densely populated, and campus epidemic prevention and control is a topic of concern to all walks of life. In this regard, Li Baiyan, the principal of Shanghai Jianping Experimental Middle School, said that in terms of emergency response, the school made a good plan, refined the process, and set up a temporary observation area. Shanghai Caoyang No. 2 Middle School is "one person, one file", approving the time of returning to school for key teachers and students, and specifying health requirements. At the same time, the school prepared enough materials, and organized logistics staff to eliminate the campus environment twice before returning to school. Lu Jing said: "In view of the particularity of schools and student groups, we will require schools to observe and test the health of teachers and students returning to school in accordance with higher standards of prevention and control than general units and places, and build an additional safety barrier for the campus. ."(Finish)