Paris (AFP)

Insoumis MP François Ruffin regretted Thursday that the government had "transformed its nullity into doctrine" concerning the supply of equipment to fight against the Covid-19, and called for "tests, tests, tests".

"Confinement is a makeshift, this is what was done in the Middle Ages, we lock people in their homes," said the elected official of the Somme on France 2, even if he did not contest its necessity. "It must be combined with tests, tests, tests: in China and Korea it worked."

"There is a month lost in the rise of screening," added François Ruffin, taking the example of a private laboratory in his department, who told him to wait for the government signal to fabricate more tests.

"As for the public laboratories, we just decided to mobilize them when they could do 150,000 to 300,000 tests per week," he insisted.

According to him, "we transformed our nullity into doctrine: as the government did not give itself the means to test, it said + we do not need tests +. They did the same thing for the masks".

The nursing staff deplored the lack of masks and tests available to them for several weeks. The government announced in early April that it had ordered 1.5 billion masks.

"I am for the union behind the carers. Not behind the government, not behind Macron, not a minute, because they have a responsibility," insisted François Ruffin. "It has been two years since they were alerted to the difficulties of the public hospital by the caregivers, (...) who only suffered silence and contempt".

Asked about the post-crisis, François Ruffin, who created the participative site "L'An 01", warned: "We see that the government is starting to tell us that to catch up we will have to work more ... Their policy leads us straight into the wall. "

Conversely, in his eyes, it is necessary to "consume less, distribute better: fewer goods, more links. We are largely able to meet basic economic needs. Is our priority 5G or health?"

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