Audrey saw her husband Franck fall ill due to the coronavirus and be placed on a ventilator before he was transferred from Alsace to the Landes hospital in Dax. At the microphone of Europe 1, this mother of two daughters confided in this endless wait, between taking news and hope.

"We have to hold on." Despite a great emotion in her voice, Audrey's will is palpable. Affected by the coronavirus, her husband Franck, placed on a respirator in mid-March, was transferred from Alsace to the resuscitation department of the hospital in Dax about a week ago by medical TGV. Since then, he has fought the Covid-19 a thousand kilometers from his home, his wife and daughters. A very long wait for Audrey, who modestly confides to the microphone of Europe 1 that there are "ups and downs".

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"I write her a letter every day"

"Obviously, it's very hard, but we have to hold on, he promised us that he would come back cured. We don't have the right [not to believe in it anymore, note], he's the one fighting. I write him a letter every day, I tell him about the day and I add photos to it, so that he can calmly read and see what is going on, and thus perhaps fill the hole he has in his life thanks to these elements. "


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"Resume normal family life"

"Since he's been in Dax, I've been given a phone number that I can call whenever I want," says Audrey. The doctor gave her news on the state of her husband's health, as did the nurses. "I know that he had a fever again, that the transport to Dax was tiring, that it took him two days to recover well, that he was again in demand for oxygen" , says the young woman. "After that, I can only imagine the positive, I tell myself that we will be brought back to Alsace and that we can resume a normal family life."