Prime Minister's answer to the question after the press conference "Normalize the economy as soon as possible" April 9 16:57

Following a press conference on the 7th following the “Declaration of Emergency,” Prime Minister Abe responded in writing to additional questions asked by the press, and as soon as possible to reduce the economy's expenditure on large-scale spending in economic measures. He acknowledged that returning to a normal trajectory is important from the perspective of fiscal consolidation.

Prime Minister Abe held a press conference on the 7th following the announcement of an “Emergency Declaration” based on the Special Measures Law on Countermeasures against the New Coronavirus, but the reporters' questions were not completed within the scheduled time , And then responded in writing to additional questions posed by the press. It is unusual for the Prime Minister to answer additional questions in writing after a press conference.

In response, Prime Minister Abe was asked to recognize fiscal consolidation in connection with large-scale expenditures for emergency economic measures. There is no reconstruction. ”Not only in the Japanese economy, but also in the world economy, which is undergoing a major shock, the government gives priority only to finances, and if people's lives are broken, there is no source or child."

"It is of the utmost importance to achieve fiscal consolidation that mobilizing fiscal, financial, and tax systems and returning the Japanese economy to a normal growth trajectory as soon as possible".

Regarding the transfer from urban areas to rural areas, Prime Minister Abe states that "if it is unavoidable, it does not restrict returning home after taking measures to prevent spread of infection."

On the other hand, "To converge, it is most important for the people to change their behavior. Especially for young people, elderly people who have no symptoms and who are at high risk Please strictly refrain from movements such as moving to rural areas that lead to the spread of infection. "

Furthermore, Prime Minister Abe was asked at his press conference on Friday for his recognition of his political responsibilities, saying that "I do not mean that I should take responsibility in the worst case." "I'm in charge of making political decisions, but I don't think it's a life-threatening situation."