The information can be found in the survey data collected by Helsingin Sanomat. The results of the giant symptom survey were first published last week. Now the data has been refined as there are more respondents.

According to the survey, people with some symptoms suggestive of a corona still live mostly in southern Finland. Uusimaa in particular continues to rise in responses. The number of people complaining of fever has increased in dozens of municipalities.

At the end of the story, you can view the situation in your municipality from a convenient search engine.

In addition to the symptoms, the fear of the corona also focuses a lot on the Uusimaa region. The exact question in the survey is, "Do you suspect that you have been infected with a coronavirus?" More than 21,000 respondents have answered in the affirmative. By Thursday, a total of 112,569 responses had been received.

There is a great need for more answers, ie help by answering the short questionnaire below. Answer, even if you have already answered - the information will also be specified for you. The survey was developed by HS and Futurice, who have promised to publish anonymous user responses as open data to better keep health authorities, the media and everyone else informed.

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The information collected by the Service is Anonymous and does not store the information so that it can be linked to an individual user. The data will be saved anonymously so that you can update it on the same device within two weeks. Updates help monitor disease progression.

See the list below for the situation in your municipality. The statistics exclude the smallest municipalities where there have not been enough respondents so far. However, municipal data is very comprehensive. So far, it includes the localities of about 5.3 million Finns.

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The symptom radar service has been developed in collaboration with Helsingin Sanomat, the Department of Public Health of the University of Helsinki and the technology company Futurice.

Open data, more information about the survey and the questionnaire can be found at this link.