China News Service, April 9 (Xinzhou). According to the Malaysian Sin Chew website, the Malaysian Chinese Medicine Anti-epidemic Working Group has released the "Guidelines for Malaysian Chinese Medicine Staff Safety (COVID-19)" after two weeks of hard work, and provides free of charge to the public. Chinese medicine constitution analysis service and tea replacement service.

The "Chinese Medicine Safety Guide" introduces the Malaysian Ministry of Health's safety management guidelines for new coronary pneumonia, launches a health protection plan for Chinese medicine practitioners, strengthens anti-epidemic awareness and measures, and encourages the Chinese medicine industry to continue to serve the public online or with zero contact .

This safety guide was launched by the Malaysian Chinese Medicine Anti-epidemic Working Group established on March 22, 2020. The working group members include the Chinese Medicine Department of Laman University and alumni of Chinese medicine, the Malaysian Alumni Association of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and the Chinese Medicine School of Xiamen University Malaysia .

"Chinese Medicine Safety Guide" is divided into three parts: general guide, medical guide and Chinese medicine guide. The general guidelines include content suitable for the general public, such as related hygiene habits, disinfection procedures, social distance, etc. The medical guideline introduces the management related to the treatment of new coronary pneumonia cases, while the Chinese medicine guideline introduces the safe operation mode of Chinese medicine clinics or Chinese medicine shops.

The Malaysian Anti-epidemic Working Group of Chinese Medicine appeals to the public and Chinese medicine personnel to get related services through their Facebook page.