Yang Yingqi, a Chinese student currently studying at the Moscow University in Russia, is affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. All courses in the school have been changed to the remote teaching mode. According to the latest Russian government regulations, apart from the nearest pharmacy and supermarket, residents can only move within 100 meters of their homes.

Yang Yingqi said that with the aggravation of the epidemic, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced last week that the paid holiday has now been extended to the end of April, and all non-essential public service facilities have been closed. The local government has developed a QR code application to monitor the quarantine situation. Citizens must show the QR code every time they go out to the store or throw garbage down the stairs.

At present, the local supermarket has sufficient supplies, and the mentality of the surrounding Russians is also optimistic. Yang Yingqi hopes that no matter where you are, everyone can actively take protective measures to survive the epidemic safely and smoothly.

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]