A few months ago, these would have been huge political news: support for the Prime Minister’s Party has risen by three percentage points and that for the main opposition party has fallen by 2.4 percentage points.

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In this situation, they seem like small details to all non-political freak followers. There is no time for politicking when fighting a deadly epidemic.

Demarie's support thus increased by three percentage points in Yle's support measurement. In the recently published Alma measurement, the rise was even stronger and the Sdp had already passed the basic Finns. In the measurement of Yle, basic Finns still have a small neck.

The official leader of the Demari is former Prime Minister Antti Rinne, but he has favorably given space to his future successor, Sanna Marin. Prime Minister Marin has been practically on television every day explaining the government's actions against the virus.

He has been clear and consistent. Sometimes constantly answering questions under intense pressure clearly already nerves Marin, but she has managed to maintain her facade.

The corona crisis has increased the popularity of incumbent leaders in many countries. Even in terribly affected Italy, the popularity of Prime Minister Mario Conte has risen. Marin has, at least for now, a smaller stone ridge to pull.

Halla-aho gives space

The chairman of Basic Finns, Jussi Halla-aho, has given the government room to act. The party's MPs take care of the ranting in their bulletins and some.

This has been suspected as a plan to ride two buggies. This is not necessarily the case. Halla-aho can genuinely believe that in a crisis, the government must be given peace of mind. He can also calculate that the älämölö would now only turn against the basic Finns.

Hot-blooded MPs may not think so. Not all of them understand Halla-aho’s silence now. Above all, support is taken away by the sudden disappearance of the party's main topics from the agenda.

The Coalition Party's support decreased slightly in the measurement. Its established supporters accept the party’s support through government action. After the crisis, however, the party will be in a hurry to raise its profile.

Demarit red-green number one

Until a few months ago, there was widespread support for the theory that in the future there would be a great confrontation between politics and the growing number of basic Finns and Greens. However, the corona crisis is confusing this pattern.

If a complete catastrophe in the corona crisis is avoided, the demars will remain number one in the red-green wing for a long time.

Prior to that, Marin had received new power for the demars. His red-green line draws supporters from the green.

Their support in Yle’s measurement fell by half a percentage point and was now 12 per cent. The chairman of the Greens, Maria Ohisalo, will remain in the shadow of Marini, even though there will be work in the crisis, as will other ministers.

Marin has recently found a good understanding with the center Katri Kulmun. This can arouse nervousness in the Greens, who have been constantly buttons opposite the center on the board.

Li Andersson’s Left Alliance more easily accepts its status as an auxiliary party to the Demar, in part because of its ancient common ideological roots.

Support for the city center remained unchanged in Yle's measurement. Under normal circumstances, this would spark a debate in the party about Kulmun’s success, but not now.

Politics really starts when the acute crisis is over. It will take at least months.