China Overseas Chinese Network, April 9 (Xinhua), according to the Argentine Chinese website, among the various regions of Argentina, the capital Buenos Aires has the largest number of confirmed cases. However, the epidemic situation of New Coronary Pneumonia is still spreading. During the epidemic prevention and control stage, the Argentine police personnel who continue to protect the social order of Argentina and the safety of people ’s property are in urgent need of protection materials. Masks, alcohol and other materials are extremely inadequate. The development of the epidemic and the shortage of materials are affecting In the heart of the overseas Chinese compatriots.

After learning of this situation, ten enthusiastic people, including the Chinese Gu Caihu in the once district of Buenos Aires, urgently collected anti-epidemic materials such as masks and alcohol, and delivered the emergency supplies in time on the morning of April 6 Arrived in the police headquarters of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Director General Gabiel Oscar Berard personally received and held a symposium.

At the meeting, the Director expressed gratitude for the donation of the Argentine Chinese. The emergency supplies provided a strong material guarantee for the Argentine police officers in Buenos Aires to fight the epidemic. Many thanks to the Chinese who traveled to Argentina for providing Argentina in the fight against the epidemic. The support and help of the country have strengthened the confidence and strength to overcome the epidemic.

The director said that the materials will be distributed to the frontline police personnel as soon as possible, and the existing materials will be reasonably distributed according to the needs. Later, the two sides exchanged their experience in the fight against epidemics. (Julie)