The UAE Government’s Liaison Office stated that the “exceptional leave” decision adopted by the Cabinet yesterday gives the federal government employee access to extraordinary leave in the event of the absence of one of the parents due to domestic or health quarantine, or because of the work of one of the spouses in the health field for long periods of time and its contact with people with the Corona virus The newcomer, pointing out that this leave is paid with the aim of providing the children with the necessary care and health protection.
In the answers to the questions related to the decision, which the office prepared to clarify what was stated in the decision, the office clarified that it is required for the applicant to obtain the exceptional leave four conditions, that he be an employee in one of the ministries or federal agencies, that he is married, and that he has children who need care, And that the husband or wife applies three conditions.
The decision clarified that the conditions that must be met by the husband or wife are to place either of them (husband or wife) in the home or health quarantine by a decision of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection or the local health authority, and if the husband or wife is doctors, nurses or paramedics whose duties require friction Direct with patients with coronavirus, and if the husband or wife is working in the centers designated for quarantine operations.