The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation stated that the unified version of the supplement to the temporary overtime contract, which the Ministry approved for the use of the two contracting parties after agreeing on the future mechanism in the contractual relationship between them, during the period of the precautionary measures that the state is currently taking to limit the spread of the known (Covid 19) virus. In the name of the newly created "Corona", I specified 3 options for the two contracting parties (paid leave, early leave without salary, temporary cut wages).

According to the Appendix of the Temporary Additional Work Contract - which the Ministry made available on its official online portal - the parties to the contract must show agreement on any of the three options mentioned in the contract, which means that any of these procedures (paid leave, early leave without pay, temporarily reduce the fee () It is not obligatory for the worker, but rather are consensual procedures between the two parties to work.

According to the additional contract, the option to reduce the wage of the worker is essentially a temporary measure, as the value of the wage is determined after the reduction and the period of time during which the wage will be reduced, according to the dates recorded in the contract, so that the text will be "so that the wage value is some reduction (... ), As of (- -) to (- -).

According to the second clause of the contract, the first party (the employer) acknowledges that he briefed the second party (worker) in detail on all the items mentioned in this temporary annex, and he also acknowledges that the second party signed it "without coercion."